It seems like the mom dies in 90% of all Disney movies, amirite?

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Mulan had both of her parents.

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@Mulan had both of her parents.

No, she had a dad and her aunts

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yeah and in the first 5 minutes at that. take finding nemo. giant shark. gul. om nom nom. scream!

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Toy Story, Cars, Wall. E., Monsters Inc...

@Kressie Toy Story, Cars, Wall. E., Monsters Inc...

There is only one problem with your logic, there are no mothers at all in those movies, aside from Boo's mom in Monsters Inc.

Thats because she does or she's already dead cause walt disney's mother died so in his movies he also had the mother die or already dead.

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Or a parent. I can't think of a single Disney movie with both parents alive.

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but they're gods so does that really count?

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Its because Walt Disney put a new furnace into his mother's house but one day it malfunctioned and exploded and it killed his mother. so he always felt responsible for her death. oh yeah lion king is one where there are parents

But inthe lion king his dad dies. Killing off a parent is something that creates sympathy for a character and automatically makes you likes them.

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(Anonymous) Hercules is the only one I can think of

(Udontneed2kno) Yeah. They're still parents, and he also had his mortal foster parents too

One of the only ones I know in which the mother lives, is the Princess and the Frog.

Auroa had both parents, but she didn't know them until she was 16.

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