Its kind of weird how “cougars” and “MILF’s” are considered hot but and older guy hitting on a younger girl is considered a pedophile, amirite?

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i think milfs are different. its not like a TON of them actively hit on younger guys. cougars are different than milfs. cougars are just not that hot from my male perspective.
as for old dudes hitting on younger girls: i find that sick. those girls are for us, not for some old guy who had his chance 30 years ago.

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"The male version of a cougar is a rapist"

Cougars are NOT hot, they are creepy cock craving fucks, and if anyone told you other wise... dammn.

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Well it's also weird how a girl who sleeps with a bunch of guys is a slut, but when a guy sleeps with a bunch of girls he gets applause...

<-MILF (or that's what I'm told)

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