In movies, when a time bomb starts it's countdown, you also do countdown in your mind even though you're not seeing the time bomb anymore in the next scenes, amirite?

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And it NEVER seems to go at the same speed. 45 seconds in movie time is at least a half hour

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Yeah, but in movie-time the scenes go something like this:
-cuts to characters-
"Cut the blue wire!"
"Don't you mean the red?"
"No, not the red!"
"What about these purple wires? Maybe its magenta..."
"Wait! I just remembered that I'm colourblind!"
-cuts back to bomb-

And I'll be all like, YOU SHOULD BE DEAD.
wary smilie

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Whenever I'm counting down in my head and I get to 0, it still says like 30 or something... or maybe I'm just counting too fast... O_o

*its, sorry.

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