Is it really necessary to put a "do not drink" warning on the back of a shampoo bottle? I mean, as tempting as it sounds, I'm not going to pour a nice cup of shampoo in a wine glass, stir it up a little, and serve it to guests with a little paper umbrella, amirite?

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They have to put that so that people don't just drink it so they can sue the company for not warning them about the consequences of doing so.

There are some real idiots out there who actually will drink it.
Particularly children, but some 'mature' people have questionable tendencies too.

But it looks so good :(

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the way that's worded, YYA seems like disagreeing, and NW seems like agreeing. what do I say?!?!?!

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Some people are just stupid and need to be told not to do things that people with common sense know not to do. also what @pascey said

My aunt once got an all-natural sample of shampoo, and she was checking out the ingredients. It was a bunch of fruits and oils and cocoa butter cream stuff, so she decided to taste it, even those the first ingredient was some soap stuff. She nearly vomited.

Don't be ridiculous...

...Putting an umbrella in it would be tacky.

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