OK Go has the best music videos ever, amirite?

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I love "here it goes again." the treadmills are amazing :)

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I like Ok go, but I personally like Radiohead's videos.

@kerouac I like Ok go, but I personally like Radiohead's videos.

I try not to think of the video of 'Just' for then I spend half the day rewinding the video and trying to read his lips.

@kerouac Just is wicked. My favourite is Knives Out though. Michel Gondry is an amazing director.

That's another great one, yes. They have a lot of wonderful videos while OK Go, not that I've seen them all, only has the here it goes again (in terms of especially good music videos)

@kerouac Nah, Ok go has a lot as well. I'll give them that.

Perhaps. I think that radiohead's ...feel (for lack of a better word) appeals to me more, in general. But yes, ok go has some nice concepts, like a rube goldberg machine for instance.

@kerouac radiohead's music is better as well.

Oh, did we forget to mention that tidbit.
That's probably the 'feel' I was talking about. Nice conversation, keep listening.

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