I don't think 8 year olds should have an Iphone, when I work two jobs and my cell is still a p.o.s. amirite?

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8 year olds shouldnt have any technoligy. Christ im almost 15 and have had the same cell phone since i was 12.

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Spoiled brats.

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Haha! Glad you guys feel the same way as I do. xD

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im almost 15, and my parents say i cant have a cell till im in colege, or im able to pay for it

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A kid, about 13, said, "You don't have a laptop? I feel sorry for you." And I saw a 4 and 6 year old with either toy iPods, or real iPods, because they had headphones. And I heard a 5 year old saying fuck before. A girl thought it would help by yelling, "Shut the fuck up!"
Our youth is TOTALLY not corrupted.

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I had a crappy cell phone when I was 8. My dad spoiled me but I was never a brat (well I mean a little bit but I was really young I never took it to the extream) I could only call my dad mom and 911. I got lost a lot in stores and my dad wanted to know I was safe and where to find me that's why he got it for me. I have an iPhone because my dad thought I deserved it.

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