Whenever you think or talk about blinking, you start blinking a lot. Whenever someone starts talking about yawning, you yawn. amirite?

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Whenever you think about breathing, breathing suddenly becomes a manual task.

Damnit, I just yawned.

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Whenever someone talks about orgasming...

yawning yes, blinking no

My eyes have turned into strobe lights, that's how much I'm blinking right now.

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fuck you, OP

Immediately after I read this post I yawned and my eyes started to water. haha

I yawned right before i read this.. Then I blinked like crazy, and everything is flashing. and then I yawned again..
Fucking cool. xP

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Blinking no, cause I just woke up and my eyes are still mostly closed. Yawning, yes.

Whenever someone tells dead baby jokes..

dammit you made me yawn

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