Why are people now liking letters on facebook? It's like so-and-so likes L. What's the point, amirite?

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i'm not an idiot L was an example, other examples are m and y

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I especially hate those groups on facebook that are like "Join if ur first name has an E or an A only!!!1!"
It's like, yeah, I think most people will have this vowel in their first name.

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I've never seen that, but it does sound like something people would start doing... :P
It's like the thing with turbans, and whatever the last thing was.

L is a character from an Anime, idiot.

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@L is a character from an Anime, idiot.

Yeah, really. Why would someone automatically be considered an idiot for simply not knowing an anime character? Perhaps that's just not what they're into.

Damn, people really need to think before throwing out completely irrelevant and unnecessary insults.

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