As much as people say it must be great to live near a major tourist attraction, said attractions actually do get boring pretty quickly. amirite?

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Disneyland for me...
Don't get me wrong I fucking that place but it gets kinda boring after a while.

Candy Mountain. All those damn colorful unicorns everywhere.

its worse when you are not even old enough to do anything living in Vegas sucks

most people who live in tourist cities actually never go to the attractions... at least i don't. guess it's this feeling of "oh, it'll still be here tomorrow..."

The constant tourists are worse than the actual attraction getting boring.

Los Angeles never gets old :)

Pfft. The beach never gets old.
Neither does SeaWorld.

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Mt rushmore and the black hills. Also sturgis ralley.

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I'd legit never get tired of living near Niagra Falls. D;

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