You've had at least one teacher who reffers to themself in the third person. Example; "Ms. Gatner would like for you to do your work now", amirite?

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Good ol' days of kindergarten.

fatimas avatar fatima Yeah You Are 0Reply

Mrs. Chestnut. 7th grade. Ugh... haha

Mrs Lee. Phonics in 1st grade. That was obnoxious.

meysenburgers avatar meysenburger Yeah You Are 0Reply

Mrs. Cable, 6th grade math. Terrified the students.

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My K-8th grade art teacher. ughhh.

jens avatar jen Yeah You Are 0Reply

Haha, my art teacher does that too! Along with my SAIL teacher

solongs avatar solong Yeah You Are 0Reply

And it always drives you nuts?

7th grade, Mrs M..none of us even called her Mrs. M, which I didn;t understand.

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