Dear school, if you want me to stay home when I'm sick, loosen your make-up work rules so I'm not swimming in make-up work the day I get back, amirite?

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Seriously, I have never skipped a day of school for being sick. Have a fever of 104? psht no big deal, not as bad as the make up work that tags along with a missing day. Vomit right before school? Suck it up. Dying of cancer? Well you might survive, so you might wanna go just in case.

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Exactly. Honestly, sometimes I don't even bother to make-up any work because it's fucking ridiculous. Half of the stuff they give me wasn't even for a grade and the whole class did to together, so why should I have to have a grade on it and do it by myself? Over material I wasn't even there for?

One of my friends was in my science class and she missed two days. She had make-up work for about a week and a half and I can only remember doing maybe two worksheets.

Or makeup work was ridiculous. We had the worksheets, quizzes\test, and notes. Our science teacher would have us come before school or durnig lunch to make up the stupid labs.

But what really makes me mad, is when you have to wait a freakin week or more to make up a test because your teacher never has time to let you take it. I mean, God forbid you actually go out in the hall and miss the pointless video to take the short 10 question quiz. You have to come on your own time to take it Sorry, mini-ant over. :)

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