So there's something you're not supposed to think about or else you'll lose it, but because I just mentioned it, even though I never actually said what it was, you just lost it anyway, amirite?

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Don't care.

Before I read the comments I was so confused, I thought it was my virginity :/

No one here thought of the person they love or like instead of The Game?

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Damn it! stamps foot

Happythedragons avatar Happythedragon Yeah You Are +1Reply

I had to read it twice, I should've spared myself

Skr3wBalls avatar Skr3wBall Yeah You Are 0Reply

I hate you

thebushbabys avatar thebushbaby Yeah You Are -1Reply

.....yeah, I don't play the game.

@Paradoxal .....yeah, I don't play the game.

Everyone plays the game. It's the law.

Jayycees avatar Jayycee Yeah You Are +6Reply
@Jayycee Everyone plays the game. It's the law.

Except for the fact that (and yes this will get more downvotes, I don't give) I find it a silly, juvenile concept that I don't partake it. I'm allowed. I do whatever the fuck I want. So all you "U MUST PLAY TEH GAME" hardasses can piss off.

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