Wow Breaking Dawn, copy Harry Potter much? Your book doesnt need to be split into two parts for the movie. Just put in a girl whining for an hour and the book is done. amirite?

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God losers even I don't like Twilight but id rather watch it then a fucking Harry potter movie. You people think every little thing copies Harry Potter. Well guess what some people actually hate those dumb books and movies. Shut the fuck up already

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I had a PB and J sandwhich and I split it into 2 parts. Do I need to pay someone?

The Hobbit's gonna be broken into 3 movies. It's only like a 300 page book. Greedy much?

@Joe_Larson The Hobbit's gonna be broken into 3 movies. It's only like a 300 page book. Greedy much?

I've never read that book, but are there a lot of major events in close succession?

@AppleZach There are maybe 4 major events in the whole story.

Maybe they wanted to please all the book nerds by not missing a single fucking detail. But that's kinda stupid, I have to admit.

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I like Harry Potter. I don't care whether you like it or not.
But when you say you automatically hate people for liking something, that's just stupid. Sorry I like something and I'm not pushy about it. Heaven forbid.

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But the same goes for Twilight. And the Hunger Games. Hell, even the maturer fandoms have shitty fans. You can't just generalize that all Harry Potter fans are annoying and then pass off everything else as A-OK.

Every fandom has the fans that think they're elite and superior. Weeaboos especially. I've seen Twilight fans act the same. I've seen fans of certain bands act the same. Some people are stupid enough to think they're special for liking something.

I've found annoying people hate on Harry Potter irrationally. A lot. But I've found a lot of annoying people who love Harry Potter irrationally. You're really being irrational yourself.

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I don't know how I implied that, but I got the implication that you think Harry Potter fans are the stupidest of all stupidity of stupid fans. And that's not true. I've seen fandoms that were equally as bad.

And "fanbase" refers to all of the fans. Not just the shitty ones. Be more specific next time.

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Yes, and generalizations are bad...because they're generalizations. And incorrect. I've counteracted my generalizations by also including and emphasizing that there are pleasant fans in every fandom as well. You did not.

I've already gathered that you are an annoying anti-Potter fan because of how you used caps and extra exclamation points to exaggerate your frustration to a degree that was unnecessary. You also seem to use arguments and excuses of a, um...less mature person, I suppose? I wouldn't consider you fully immature, though. Everyone's still growing on this site so it's understandable.

I haven't raged at you this whole time and your comments are full of anger and spite. I think you might want to calm down a bit before accusing anyone of being annoying, otherwise you're just acting in your frustration, and that's just a poor attitude.

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I'm not attacking your grammar. I'm attacking your attitude. "I really hate this peach," as opposed to, "I REALLY HATE THIS PEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" sound totally different.

I do thank you for calming down now, at least. That was a smart move...and I don't mean that in a sassy bitch way.

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Well I don't mind the different opinion. I thought you were talking about the whole fandom. And you can't just generalize a whole group like that. It's like saying, "All homos wear rainbows," and that's not true.

I'm just saying really. You can choose to leave if you want to. I won't pester you about it.

Isn't the last Hunger Games book going to be split into two movies?

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I split my homework into two parts.

@MusicIsAGift I split my homework into two parts.

I guess I am copying Harry Potter by doing that. Oops, I just split my comment into two parts.

Oh, because losers like you actually exist. Losers who can't distinguish between a whiny, hyped-up book and good literature. Maybe if you learned how to read better works you'd see the difference. It's so obvious that it could kick you in the groin.

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