If marriage was a verb then divorce would have been its future tense, amirite?

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Isn't "marry" a verb? So, marry-->divorce.

@Sunnysideup Isn't "marry" a verb? So, marry-->divorce.

No - I married, I marry, I will marry. The stem is 'marr'

Boo for pessimism. I've been married 10 years, and I'm totally happy. It's possible, if you get married for the right reasons and are willing to actually work on it. People are just too fucking lazy anymore- nothing worth having is effortless.

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i know this is a joke, but im a grammar nazis, a future tense is when you change part of the word, not the whole word, like, for past tense, you can add an -ed

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WWW- if I make it to 40 years of marriage before I get unhappy, there's not a lot I could complain about considering I'm the only person I know who's been in a happy relationship for over 10 already. Or even half that.

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Out of just about everyone I know, I can only think of two divorces. Everyone else I know has stayed together and I've been to several 50th Anniversary parties this year alone.

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I don't know anyone who stays married except old people like my grandparents. Why bother unless you are making children?

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