It's weird to think that in just a few years, music will be completely different and our generation will say, "Turn down that racket!" Then crank the Lady Gaga, Blink 182, or rap. Amirite?

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By "just a few years" do you mean ~30 years?

Blink-182 has been around for yeeeaaaars.

Lol, I'll be crankin' up the Beatles and the Monkees

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In just a few years, most of the people on this site will probably still be in their 20's, or just getting there

In just a few years, I'll finally be able to move out :D

I get what you mean, but I certainly won't be cranking up Lady Gaga or Blink 182. Led Zeppelin or Guns 'n Roses will be what I'm playing.

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