Television families go like this: Eldest dumb and popular blonde; smart and emotional redheaded middle child; random and often ignored last child. (Hope and Faith, 8 Simple Rules, Reba) amirite?

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Oh and don't forget! They usually make the fathers say stupid things and the mothers are the smart ones.


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kind of simpsons, if lisa was a ginger

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Rosanne if Darlene was redheaded

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The Nanny if Brighton and Gracie switched places

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(ignoring the color of the hair...)
Family Matters took this to the extreme: The youngest child disappeared after a while.

Then Full House sorta broke the rules...
Oldest was smartest, youngest got the most attention, and middle child was completely ignored.

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Malcom in the middle

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Modern Family (kinda)

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I know a real family like this! Redheaded middle child and all

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I also noticed that a lot of sitcoms have three kids.
I actually can't think of many without it.
But for the ones that do..
Roseanne, The Nanny, Full House, Home Improvement, Reba, Malcom in the Middle, Still Standing, Everybody loves Raymond, 8 Simple Rules,
and more I can't think of right now.

That 70s show... If they were all one family. Eric's dumbslut sister, donna the intelligent, responsible-ish one, Eric, butt of all of reds jokes.

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