When you were little, you thought that the artificial laughing on sitcoms was made by real people watching the show that had a REALLY good sense of humor, amirite?

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I mean, obviously, the scenes filmed in front of a live audience DO have real people.

Wouldn't it be a a really bad sense of humor since they laugh at nothing?

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Now, I think it's just a poorly placed laugh track. It's like the producers think everything the character does is funny. Not to mention, if I don't laugh, I feel as though it's forcing me to think it's funny...

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It's like laughing "Um...that was NOT funny..." "Laugh dammit!!" "Okay!!" :(( lol

I still thought that :( haha

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When I was little my parents would watch sitcoms like that, with the laugh track. I wouldn't understand the jokes, so it was my cue to laugh to fake that I understood the joke! :)

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Well even when its a live audience theu add the laugh track if they don't laugh at a joke or if they laugh loud enough

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I just thought that real people actual laughed that loud but I thought it was weird that they ahd the same laugh.

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