Nerdy doesn't automatically mean unattractive, amirite?

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Depends... First, being a nerd meant you were a loser who couldn't get any girls. Then video games came into play so on top of not getting any girls, nerds played video games all the time. Then sometime within the last 5 years or so, being a nerd has become the cool thing to do. So now we have nerd posers who put on their Facebook "LOL IM SUCH A NURD CUZ I PLAY MARIO AND WEAR GLASSSES!!" And now we have people saying, "Nerds are so cool!!! LOL!" I believe that the people saying this are simply doing it for the trend and not to defend actual nerds. So basically, these "attractive" nerds aren't really nerds.

The thing that bothers me most is that nerds (or geeks) are supposed to be smart but some people aren't keeping up with that aspect of the trend.

When is this whole hipster phase going to die out

i don't think i've seen an attractive nerd ever.

They're nerds BECAUSE they're unattractive.

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Being a nerd is more of a academic/hobby thing. So I have seen some pretty hot nerds.

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I can't vote. On one hand, I agree with the people above me. On the other, I've met legitimate nerds (LOTR and HP obsessed, video game playing, straight A, socially awkward) who are attractive as well.

I've always found true nerd/geek females attractive.
Especially if they're wearing plaid flannel. LOL

Unfortunately, when I was growing up, they hid their nerdiness because they (like all other girls) wanted to be accepted by the "jock" and "popular" cliques.

You guys sure are opinionated about who can be a nerd and who can't...

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