Going to sleep on a friday night feels awesome, especially when you know you can sleep in after a long, hard week of school, amirite?

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I'll bet it was hard.

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friday, friday, friday!

Meerkats avatar Meerkat Yeah You Are +5Reply

Lol. Long and hard.

Anonymous +3Reply

no cuz i have to wake up early tomoz, i voted yes only because generally i agree

hearts1020s avatar hearts1020 Yeah You Are +1Reply

This is from over a year ago, lol

Some_Kids avatar Some_Kid Yeah You Are +1Reply

Friday nights are my night to catch up on all the sleep i lost during school.

mexicanpeanuts avatar mexicanpeanut Yeah You Are 0Reply

Not when you have to get up again at 5:30 so you can drive a couple hours to work for the whole weekend.

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