When you were little and you asked people what they would wish for if they had three wishes, you would always have to add "and you cant wish for a million more wishes!" to the end, amirite?

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1. I wish that I could wish for more wishes.
2. I wish for more wishes.

You already do have millions of wishes- they just won't all be granted.

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holy shit thank you, i actually didnt notice, you have earned the utmost respect from me

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Can I ask for a million and one?

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More genies? The ability to summon genies? To go to genie school?

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i still ask that question and i still have to add that LOL

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@http://op.golikeus.org/802620 facebook group?

Yeah, notice how that was made 9 hours ago from right now (9:37 AM October 10 2010)? And how the post was made on August 1? Yeah me too...

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