For some reason, girls love to wear other guys' jackets, amirite?

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yeah, 'cause they're warm and they smell like your guy ^.^

throughtherains avatar throughtherain Yeah You Are +15Reply

it says "he's mine" and its rather flattering. ;)

I don't have a jacket, but I let them wear my cape. Sometimes my cloak too, if I'm feeling generous.

TheWeasels avatar TheWeasel Yeah You Are +6Reply

because they're so FLUUFFFAAAAYYY

CheeseIsCools avatar CheeseIsCool Yeah You Are +5Reply

Its like a trophy

kdizzle8488s avatar kdizzle8488 Yeah You Are +4Reply

And they're über comfy. :)

MadHatters avatar MadHatter Yeah You Are +3Reply

It shows that he cares to let you use something of his and it smells soooooooo good!

Rumbleroar38s avatar Rumbleroar38 Yeah You Are +3Reply

unless the girl is wearing some other girl's guy's jacket.

smells yummy (:

Anonymous +1Reply

I like to have girls wear my jacket. It's sexy.

John_Smiths avatar John_Smith Yeah You Are +1Reply

its feels safe and homey
plus its like saying "hes mine"

Anonymous +1Reply

i wish i had a guy to wear his jacket!

guyz jackets and sweaters are big and you can rap it around your wholeee body.. my friends` always smells like guess :) ( he`s not gay just has gr8 taste)

thatsjustmiis avatar thatsjustmii Yeah You Are 0Reply

At my school guys wear girl's jackets...not all of the guys and it's only to seem funny. They will steal the jacket before class ends and not give it back!

Anonymous 0Reply

Yeah, I always give my girlfriend my jacket! They love it!

GabrielBrowns avatar GabrielBrown Yeah You Are 0Reply

its so cute when they do that! if you say "im cold" and a guy wraps his jacket around you u just wanna smile(: and your like mmmm old spicee!

TheGrapists avatar TheGrapist Yeah You Are 0Reply
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