It's interesting how people type "I don't care what people think" in their profile.If you REALLY don't care what people think, why are you even on this website? Amirite?

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That IS a good point! If you don't care what people think, why come on to a website to ask people what they think? :D :D

Perhaps some of them mean that they that don't care about any insults they might get.

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I don't visit this site to see if people think I'm right or not. I visit it to read what other people are thinking and to see if I'm on the same page as all of you. I see it in no way of someone not liking me.

That's great, but all I'm suggesting in this post is that you probably should not type that you don't care what other people think in your profile on this website because it goes againest the overall purpose of the website itself. This post should not bother you if you don't write that in your profile. It has absolutely nothing to do with what you do on the website.

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