Most all of us went through the Hollister / Abercrombie phase. amirite?

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I'm sad to say I did...but I was only eleven! It lasted only six months, I threw out all the evidence. Don't judge me! runs away crying hysterically

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Sadly, I did. Luckily, I never really got anything from either store, and that phase lasted about a year.
Now, I realize how stupid those stores are. I get stuff of the same, if not better, quality for less than half the price. And I don't feel like a walking advertisement.
The only "brand name" I wear is Aeropostale, because they have some pretty good sales.

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That's like saying "most all of us went through the giant douchebag phase, amirite?"

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How are we suppose to go through that phase when you can't even breath in those stores?

eh, American eagles better. still I hate all the preppy stuckup bitch spoiled assumptions ppl make about ppl who wear ae. the clothes is nice- that says nothing about me. I know goths who wear ae

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@djmaster711 OLD NAVY FOR LIFE

I just got a kickass jacket from there. $18

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I shop anywhere also. I don't have much of a brand that defies me. Ya know?

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Haha maybe, hit yeah I never look for spefic brands.


Maybe it's just me,
But I went through the Aeropostale AND Hot topic phase,

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Same here,I wish people from my old school knew I'm not that stupid anymore!

no i never went through a gay phase

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I really don't see the appeal of being the walking billboard for Hollister. But whatever floats your boat, I guess.

I never wore that crap

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I tried but...those were my middle school days. As soon as I had to earn my own money to pay for my own clothes, I started buying clothes that were actually WORTH my money. Walmart is faithfully trustworthy in that aspect.

I like the quality of heir clothes. But I don't wear the ones with the name brand like all over.

They have decent jeans, dresses, sweaters, and button ups. No big deal...

Its so funny to see that Americans dont like A&F and Hollister, in Europe everyone goes craazzzy over the brands, its insane.. I went to NYC for summer holiday and like 20 friends begged me to bring A&F for them.. kinda pathetic really.
I for one do not take a liking towards these billboard clothing, expensive clothing is great, just as long as the brand is not all over the item.

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@Its so funny to see that Americans dont like A&F and Hollister, in Europe everyone goes craazzzy over the brands...

A lot of Americans wear those brands but just not the average American amiriter. In my high school, like half of the kids wear those brands.

prove it talking loudly and obnoxiously like that rat trap commercial

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The last time I wore something name brand it was a handmedown handmedown t-shirt from American Eagle when I was 8. The walking billboard thing always made me feel self concious, but that's just me.

some people don't have enough money for those phases. but i did go through an american eagle phase. i got over it. jcpenney ftw!

I haven't really gone through a phase. I just buy what I like, affordable nice clothes. I don't care what brand they are.

I went through an Areo phase.
I've tried shopping at Hollister before, but I couldn't really find anything I like from them. I have 2 plain shirts from Hollister, but they don't have the brand name on them, just the eagle or whatever bird in the corner.

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Err, no. this is teh interwebz, not the cafeteria. Also: NAME STEALER D:

I'm going through the Abercrombie phase. (I'm 12) I like Forever 21 though, because it's cheap and the clothes are ok quality. I already went through the Aeropostale phase, but every shirt I still have from Aeropostale has like 3 holes in it! A $20 shirt has 3 holes in it in a month! Crazy! I like American Eagle, but their jeans fit me oddly.

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I went through the PacSun and Billabong phase

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i still do wear hollister & abercrombie , but i dont buy the shirts with the name all over them . & i barely go shopping . i dont like to shop at places like old navy(besides for flip flops & shorts) because i can never find anything i really like there , to be honest .

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never bought anything from there and never will!! :D there was definitley a time at school where everyone thought it was the coolest thing ever, and i think the reason i didn't buy any of those clothes was because i hate following trends. i only do it if i truly must follow the trend because i like it that much

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I enjoy shopping so I just go in a lot of stores and buy whatver I like, not caring where it's from. You should just just buy things that you like. The name of the store shouldn't affect that. I also don't see the point of the paper thin tshirts from hollister and abercrombie etc that have the name plastered all over the front. I feel like your just trying to prove that you can afford those clothes!

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I still shop at A&F, Hollister, and American Eagle, but not Aero as much anymore, because i grew out of there styles, and plus most of there clothes have their name written all over it. I never buy the walking billboard clothes anymore.

Yuck D: Forever21 ftw !

We don't have either of those stores around where I live

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Brand Names are better I think cuz they seem like better quality & make me feel better about buying them. I'd never ever shop at Wal-Mart even if it was my last resort they clothes are cheap. I did buy some things from Hot Topic but they're horrible quality & cheaply made. Hollister & Aero are defiantly better. Prada & Chanel beat them all though.<3

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no, i had a good sense of fashion, and still do. Aeropostale, Macy's, Cidecca, Charlette Rousse, JC Penny's, etc. I HATE Old Navy, Hollister, Abercrombie, Hot Topic, etc. I'm always inbetween sizes at Old Navy, Hollister and Aber. have expensive cheap clothing, and Hot Topic is too punk.

@Deadpool no, i had a good sense of fashion, and still do. Aeropostale, Macy's, Cidecca, Charlette Rousse, JC Penny's, etc. I...

how are jcpenney and charlotte rousse fashionable?
I hate wearing shirt from those stores with brand names, but you can find good sales with regular shirts and your clothes last.
Charlottle rousse's clothes are cute, but they are awful quality.

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