At least once in your life you've met someone who you weren't sure was a male or female, amirite?

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my friends and I went to a 6th grade classroom to find a computer, and one of my friends was like "She saw it!" and the kid was like "He." "and my friend was like "what?" and he was like 'I'm a he." It was so awkward.

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There are three androgynous students in my school, first time i meet each of them all i could think of was getting out of there before i blurt out a gender honoriffic that is wrong.

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yah, and now she's my best friend

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@poetrylover yah, and now she's my best friend

isn't that kind of a weird how-we-met story?

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i met this girl well at a school dance and i wasn't sure if she was a he or a she and she never said a thing that could tip me off it was so weird! then when i met my friends little brother i could of swore he was a girl!

There was this girl named Ronnie. My friends nd I were in the first day of band class nd the teacher, who was doing roll call, called her name nd she goes 'Here.' in this deep voice nd we still couldn't tell. And then later on I went to go snoop to see if 'Ronnie' was short for Veronica or something. But no. It was just 'Ronnie'. But later I asked a friend of hers who was a friend of mine nd he told me she was chick.

It's a trap(?)

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