You never really talk on the phone with the person you like, you normally just text, because your afraid a phone call would turn out awkward, especially if you call them while they're busy. amirite?

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I hate talking on the phone with a passion

Kristens avatar Kristen Yeah You Are +10Reply
@Kristen I hate talking on the phone with a passion

Same here. I hate it! like if I was ever dying or in need of medical attention I would probably hesitate for a while before calling the paramedics.

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@Kristen I wouldn't go that far xD

Haha ok maybe thats just me. But that just proves how much I hate it! Lol

NARNIAs avatar NARNIA Yeah You Are -1Reply

Well there's this girl that I like, and we were texting the other night, and all the sudden she called me, and me, not too good with girls, didn't know what to do, so then she texted me saying can we talk on the phone instead? So I said "Yeah" and called her, and we had a great hour long conversation about everything on the phone. Now, I feel like I can tell her anything. Any guy who's around maybe high-school age who likes a girl, should try this out.

Some_Kids avatar Some_Kid Yeah You Are +9Reply

Yeah, i understand that sometimes, it can get awkward, but at times, i just get tired of texting. ya know?

deananutters avatar deananutter Yeah You Are +3Reply

I only like talking on the phone every now and then and only when we both have something to say. If there is ever more than 30 seconds of awkward silence, then it's time to end the phone conversation.

StickCavemans avatar StickCaveman Yeah You Are +1Reply

Me: calls crush
Crush: Oh, hi!
Me: Hey.
Crush: I'm sorta busy right now... crapping. Can I call you back afterwards?

F2FFTW. Not that actual, face to face contact happens nearly as often as it should...

After almost two years, my boyfriend still hasn't called me... That's probably a good thing, though, because I absolutely hate talking on the phone and more often than not we run out of stuff to say while we're texting, so it could make for awkward conversation...

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