cats and dogs are what humans strive to be: unbiased. they don't care what you look like, what clothes you wear, who your friends are, or how popular you are. they only care about how you treat them, and they treat you accordingly, amirite?

98%Yeah You Are2%No Way
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sounds like a pokemon :D

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Except for when your cat has short term memory loss and claws your feet off everyday.

NOT TRUE! my dog is racist. he doesn't like indians, blacks, or hispanics :( he always barks at them when they walk by

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And if you die, they'll probably eat you!

Take cats out of this, they treat you like crap even if you feed them

people wonder why i like dogs so much, this post sums it up perfectly

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I think this applies mostly to dogs. Cats are judgmental little bitches.

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