people who are naturally random are hysterical. people who try so so so hard to be random are freaking retarded, amirite?

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CHEESE!! you guys think thats funny?

People who are random are annoying.
People who say random things without trying to be random are just fine.


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Oh whoops xD When i hear the word 'Platypus' Phineas and Ferb spring to mind anyway xD

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How can you tell the difference? :/

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@How can you tell the difference? :/

(Randomer :)): random people have things that just pop in their head. people who try to be random have to think about it and try to be as weird as possible adn end up being annoying.

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@How can you tell the difference? :/

(Randomer :)): ya, and sometimes you can tell when they start to laugh during or after their comment


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But everyone, according to them and their friends are super random and crazy. So really, no one is random.

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