It's not weird that I'm the only girl in my shop class, what is wierd is that most of the guys have either Selena Gomez or Miranda Cosgrove as their ring tone while I have Eminem, amirite?

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@fonziekj52 MLIA?

First thing I thought was "this is a reworked MLIA"

@fonziekj52 MLIA?

No not MLIA. I didn't even know that was on MLIA, havent been up on that site in months.

No one cares.

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Faggots. Faggots everywhere.

Your life is Average.

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Yea, that's just weird. They probably want to come out of the closet and their parents sense they are gay so sent them to shop class. It's that simple.

What's weird is how you spell weird.

No, your ringtone is definitely more embarrassing than Miranda Cosgrove or Selena Gomez.

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