It's normal that I fantasize about having sex with food. amirite?

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Not normal, but funny as hell.

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@R3m7 Not normal, but funny as hell.

That was posted by anonymous how come that is still being allowed???

Those doughnuts are just asking for it!

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are you liz lemon?

I totally think about that when I eat hotdogs.

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That's just messed up

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How the HELL did you let this racist troll get HOMEPAGED?

its cause i get shit donee

@Havyair its cause i get shit donee

Read: he created multiple accounts

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LOL speechless

Only if you are a cannible

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@_dictionarydefinition_ Cannibal. Sorry :/

my bad it was like 5am and my pills were wearing out.

But i still have a point even if my fingers were not behaving.

That or if you fuck sheep.

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Mac and Cheese turns me on every time.

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A my name will always be alice?

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not unless its a banana youre fantasizing about

.......um...no, that's not normal. Sorry.

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