It's annoying when judges from other TV shows try to act like Simon from American Idol, amirite?

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Simon is somehow pro at being the lovable asshole judge.

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@HarryFreakingPotter piers morgan

Exactly what I was thinking! Piers wasn't a dick before Simon made it big by being one. The similarities between the two are startling (British, harsh, judges etc.)

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It's even more annoying when people think that Simon has a monopoly on being the only abrasive judge.

Especially that one judge on the X Factor. He's the worst.

Meagans avatar Meagan Yeah You Are +3Reply
@Meagan Especially that one judge on the X Factor. He's the worst.

He's such a Simon imposter, he even looks exactly like him. How pathetic...

At first I thought you were referring to judges like Judge Judy, and I was like "PLEASE! Judy was a bitch before Simon was even born!"

Kara Dioguardi

Mtrenchies avatar Mtrenchie Yeah You Are 0Reply

The guy off of Hell's Kitchen is pretty awesome haha

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