Your first kiss wasn't all that amazing, amirite?

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Virgin lips here..

Yes it was. I was just a few minutes old and my mom gave me a huge kiss on the cheek.

Mine was great, it was the day after my 16th birthday and my boyfriend took me out. I had been telling him how I didn't want to be teased about being "sweet 16 and never been kissed" and he said he didn't think I'd be teased about it, then when I asked why, he kissed me :D.

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the kiss itself wasn't, of course, but that buzzing, nervous feeling i got was. emotionally, the kiss was very amazing for me.

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I wouldn't know!! I haven't had mine!! (cry2)

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My first kiss was more of just a peck on each others lips and it was unexpected. The second kiss was awkward as fuck.

The situation was sucky but the kiss itself was fantastic. My current boyfriend uses way too much tongue way too often, but my first kiss was just right for me.

Mine was amazing! Loved very minute of it. He's the only guy I've kissed since then and he's pretty good at it ;)

Mine was at a school picnic thingy in 8th grade. It was really awkward. But also really sweet. (:

I think mine was great, but that was the only person I have kissed since december.

Mine was actually disgusting lol...

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Mine was awful... He had a girlfriend but didn't tell me about her, and I never forgave him for that

Mine was...just a really big moment that made me all dizzy. And then I realized that I truly loved him and I was sooo glad that I chose him to be my first kiss. So, yes, the feeling was amazing, I'm not actually sure about the actual kiss though...

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I've told this story on here before but I'll tell it again. My first kiss was with my step-brother several months before he became my step-brother....ughhh.

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Oh, definitely.

One of the most awkward situations/moments and possibly my biggest regret that I was childish and dumb enough to have got myself (and the poor guy) into that situation. Though at the time that nervous anticipation was a pretty cool feeling.

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Mine was cute... The playground under the swing sets when I was in 8th grade :)

it was on the band bus and I missed.

@Sonic_Screwdriver it was on the band bus and I missed.

Haha, I think band-bus romances are hilarious. Too bad our guard got too big and we have our own bus now...:/ the saxes are hot :P

Wait guys, I'm not actually that superficial...most of the time...

The kiss itself was amazing, but what happened afterwards was super awkward. Or, rather, what didn't happen.

Mine was in a boys and girls club in like fourth grade.... Not that awesome

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Mine was in front of my church with a guy I had a crush on for 5 years.

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It was completely amazing.

It was in his garage behind his dads truck...I cried afterwards because his lip caught in my braces

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Right after my first kiss, I remember laying in my bed next to the guy, in utter shock, thinking, "that was it?" I didn't actually like kissing for a couple weeks afterwards.

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Mine was on a school bus in front everybody :/

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