Pedo bear and Sexual Harassment Panda would have an interesting discussion. amirite?

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He's my brother, sadly...

This is the best post I've seen since 'Nam!

BreakfastFans avatar BreakfastFan Yeah You Are +4Reply

south park FTW

JadedPlatypuss avatar JadedPlatypus Yeah You Are +2Reply

Sexual Harassment Panda? I bet his name is Ivan. (You get a cookie if you get the reference.)

Asteriskis avatar Asteriski Yeah You Are +2Reply

Pfft. Don't forget to bring Sexual Predator Mario.

I hate to sound stupid, but are the Pedo Bears the bears off of Avenue Q? I think they are the Bad Idea Bears, but I KNOW they are not Care Bears.

Anonymous +1Reply

It's kinda bad of me but I lol'd.


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