People Born in the 90s: You like older music because it actually is really good music, not because you want to seem more mature, amirite?

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I don't think there have ever been musicians as great as Jimmy Page or Elvis, since the 1970s. That was a time when music really was about talent: No computer beats, no auto-tune, just a musician expressing his or her emotions through an instrument. Long Live the 70s!!

I was born 19th of April 1990, my dad a biker and rocker and my mum had a twist of that and some other stuff in her. I was brought up with a blend of modern and old music.

The old stuff has memories to me, it was still original, it has a different sound due to older tech used on recording it and it was less polluted with stereotypes associated to it - IE metal having to have screaming constantly ruining it.

I find people who chase every little up and coming band to say they liked them first are a lot sadder then those who continue to appreciate old successes.

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I like some. Not sure how "old" it is, though. My guess would be late 70's or early 80's.

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the thing is, technically, there are artists today that are much better than older artists. the only reason to like artists from older eras to recognize them in a frame reference sort of mine, meaning realizing that these artists, in their respective eras, were incredible compared to other artists during that time. artists today arent as revolutionary as artists were back then.

you can attribute it to a loss of creativity over the years, or simply a lack of funding for education, or whatever. i can still defend that the 60s and 70s were the greatest decades in music.

i was born Sept. 29 1992 and my favorite genre of music is rap and hip hop, by the way

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no I don't like old music, and I think most(not all) do say they do for the attention and to seem more mature

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