"There's no worse feeling than realizing you phone wasn't plugged in, amirite?" No, you aren't right. You could be completely paralyzed, lost a loved one, or even caught your significgant other cheating on you. There are many, many things worse than realizing you didn't plug your phone in, amirite?

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I agree with you... but was it really necessary to be so angry about an exaggeration?

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Yes, teenagers are drama queens. This is news?

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Yeah, I don't really like how people always over exaggerate on small things.

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Unless you've just been kidnapped and were dialing 911 because they thought you were still knocked out, and then your phone died right before the call would send, and then you get dead!

Highly unlikely, but I can see how that would be an awful feeling. But I agree with you, because usually dead people don't get to talk about forgetting to plug in their phones, which means whoever posts that, isn't in my scenario.

But if you lost a loved one of had your house get burned down, you could write a country song about it and make money.

People really need to watch how they word these amirites.

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they didn't mean it literally.

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Seriously? Can no one take a joke?

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this person needs to chill.

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Get the pineapple out of your ass. I'm 100% sure the person who posted "There's no worse feeling than realizing you phone wasn't plugged in" doesn't seriously believe that situation is worse than being paralyzed or cheated on. It's called a JOKE about a comical situation we can relate to. Chill out.

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I like your name.

mood : RUINED, thanks alot! D:

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