people who work in Hot Topic are actually really nice! amirite?

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See, I don't get these generalizations. At all. There may be nice people who work at Hot Topic, sure. There are also undoubtedly many assholes who work at Hot Topic.

Slightly off topic, but every Hot Topic I've been to, smells weird. Not necessarily bad, but weird.

Out of the two people I've known who worked at hot topic: one harassed me every single time I went in there accusing me of shoplifting even though I never shoplifted from hot topic, ever think i'm wearing this bracelet cause I've shopped there before? The other aggressively stalked my sister, even stealing her phone number from the little rewards card system.

Once when I was in seventh grade or so, I went to buy something for one of my friends, but didn't have enough money to cover that item on top of the items for myself. No big deal, I didn't really like this friend anyway. So I went to put it back, but the clerk stopped me and gave me a couple discounts he wasn't supposed to and when that didn't even cover it, paid for the remaining couple dollars out of his own wallet. I nearly cried I was so happy. He was awesome and I'm not even pretty, srsly.

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