I bet Americans don't know that in the UK we have an equivalent to Walmart (Asda), amirite?

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You are correct, however, do you have an equivalent to www.peopleofwalmart.com??

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Wal-Mart is known world wide. Asda, however, not so much.

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i bet Americans dont give a fuck

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and it's owned by Walmart.

Why would we care? :o

AFizzle94s avatar AFizzle94 Yeah You Are +6Reply

wal mart is international. It's everywhere, not just in america.

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@wal mart is international. It's everywhere, not just in america.

not really hey... South Africa doesn't have Walmart but we have Makro, which is probably a similar store...

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I knew they had an equivalent, but I didn't know what it was called.

I just figured you guys had walmart....

You are correct, I did not know that

gee golly i didnt kno that

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See? You learn things everyday from this website

I KNEW IT! Ha ha. You don't win.

there's a difference between ignorance and stupidity just to let you know.

DaAce96s avatar DaAce96 Yeah You Are +1Reply

God bless ya.

I knew that :P


ASDA sucks!

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and tesco's and morrisons and sainsbury's and somerfield...

Is it pronounced "asda", or A-S-D-A?

just_lindseys avatar just_lindsey Yeah You Are 0Reply

thanks! I was just curious. lol

just_lindseys avatar just_lindsey Yeah You Are 0Reply

ASDA annoys me. Especially the ads for it, they're always trying to pick fights with Tesco over who has cheaper prices... Tesco would win any day over ASDA

aoife_123s avatar aoife_123 Yeah You Are 0Reply

How the f are you supposed to pronounce that??

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And in Costa RIca there is a Maxi Bodega

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Walmart is only in North America and South America, but every country has their own stores like Walmart.


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ASDA, americans suck dick always

Anonymous -3Reply

its the other way around! wal-mart is owned by ASDA :P

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