When I see all of these posts saying girls need to stop acting stupid to look cute, I realize that to me, stupid come naturally. When I see a guy I like, I pretty much become blinded and could trip if I were walking on air, amirite?

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"Stupid come naturally" xD

@Scahe "Stupid come naturally" xD

I know. I ain't too smart with my improper grammar. :P
Oh, here comes the stupidity, since I am now talking to that guy. xD

RACCOONninja86s avatar RACCOONninja86 Yeah You Are +2Reply

There's accidental guy-induced stupidity, but when it's done on purpose, it's annoying.

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I never understood how people could do that. I just see them as another person and hope to impress them, I've never become so lost with them being there. Maybe I'm not normal.

Sadies avatar Sadie No Way +2Reply

I know. My brain just stops working and I say dumb stuff.

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