Disney movies are amazing but Disney CHANNEL movies suck ass, amirite?

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HalloweenTown anyone?

Brink, Zenon, Johnny Tsunami, Get A Clue, Alley Cats Strike, Genius, The Luck of the Irish, etc

Evan17s avatar Evan17 No Way +11Reply

There was a time when I would have raped and killed your entire family for saying that. But, anymore, I'd agree.

Smart House and Model Behavior were the BEST!

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I loved Life-Size with Tyra Banks when I was younger...

BellaGrace1003s avatar BellaGrace1003 Yeah You Are +6Reply

Luck Of The Irish, Like Mike, and Max Keeble's Big Move were always my favorites.

goodtimes avatar goodtime Yeah You Are +2Reply

The only Disney Channel Move I still like is Life is Ruff.

Shuns avatar Shun Yeah You Are 0Reply

And Pixel Perfect. And Cheetah Girls. And it's where High School Musical started. But for the most part, the other movies sucked.

BellaGrace1003s avatar BellaGrace1003 Yeah You Are 0Reply

Luck of the Irish used to be my favorite cause it made me proud to be Irish

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