What do you have to gain by pretending an airplane is a shooting star? Its either a flying metal crate with people in it or a flaming ball of space crap, how the hell does that get you a wish? amirite?

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Kingsley for President.

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@Shun Kingsley for President.

I wish he was the first African American President instead of Obama :(

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@Isn't Obama biracial?

I guess technically, but many people consider him the first African American. Let's get Kinglsey to be the first full African American! :D

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@Shun Kingsley for President.

He'd probably be a better contender than most of the others at the moment.

Everyone knows space crap has wish fulfilling properties...

and what if its a helicopter?

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What do you have to lose by not?

I get a feeling your glass is half empty.... ;)

Dude, the song isn't about the damn plane. It's the fact that life sucks so much, they wanna pretend that the airplane is a shooting star. It's about LIFE. Damn..

@Roger How does THAT improve your life?

It's not about improving your life either?
Main idea: Life sucks so much, they wanna make a wish to an airplane. But it's obviously a song so it's not gonna be taken seriously except for idiots like you.

Crap is being used in every sense of the word, here. A lot of shooting stars aren't, in fact, meteors or rocks or anything; they're freeze-dried shit. I read an article on it a while ago, but I just found this video while looking for said article. Have fun wishing on shooting stars now [:

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