You used to put raspberries over your finger and pretend your finger had an afro, amirite?

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And pen/marker caps became weird pseudo pope hats.

Suzywaos avatar Suzywao Yeah You Are +13Reply

Ha, I've actually never tried that, but I will now! That sounds awesome

Anonymous +5Reply

No... but I'm gunna(:


Used to?

I did that with Strawberries and pretended they were gnomes.

Bahaha...will do.

Okay, I definitely did this today.

This is hilarious

The only way my family could get me to eat olives was off my finger tips

Laughing_sporks avatar Laughing_spork Yeah You Are +1Reply

Olives make more sense...

SgtSprites avatar SgtSprite Yeah You Are +1Reply

...I still do all that, on top of drawing faces on the fingers! d:

I've never had a raspberry!

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