Performing arts kids have always been cool, it just took three High School Musical films and a series of Glee for people to realise, amirite?

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Highschool Musical was trash. Glee is pretty amazing though

Yeah, I don't like that they always portray them to be nerds, though. They're often very popular!

since those type of things came out, alot of people have been transferring to my old performing arts high school. it's kinda odd.

Hey, us thespians are crazy. The most fun you'll ever be around, but completely bonkers. :)

Actually, I go to a performing arts school and most of us are really weird and diverse.

HSM and Glee are really, really bad representations.

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I hate Glee and HSM.

Really? After high school musical and glee came out I've thought of all performing arts kids to be gay...

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