You get a little excited when your home town or home state is mentioned on TV, amirite?

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I live in Washington D.C. It's not too exciting when people talk about it on TV. In fact, it's usually boring as hell. Stupid politics.

A high school I considered going to was mentioned on Glee.

It was awesome.

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It's always awesome when they mention Utica (NY) on The Office. (=

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I would, except that my home town is usually mentioned for our famous murderers, crazy people hoarding 260+ dogs, or plane crashes. I'd rather the media just stay away, really. :)

Ugh, my town is nevvver mentioned in anything. but Dukes of Hazard, in the Heat of the Night, Halloween 2, Vampire Diaries, etc. are/were filmed here. D:

I always get excited when South Park mentions the town I live in (Loveland, CO) and calls us Tweakerville because it's soooo true.

techinically Fort Worth or White Settlement isn't my home town but I still get excited because I lived there once

They filmed the bed and breakfast part of Borat in my town.

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My home town was mentioned on an episode of Seinfeld once. My whole town (all 300 of us!) talked about it for weeks.

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mine was just mentioned for a school shooting :(

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Haha i get that little cheap thrill. Too bad its from twilight and icarly -_-

Walk the Line was filmed in my city :)

oh and exception: Memphis Beat. Everyone here wants to murder that show.

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No. Ohio is NEVER mentioned positively. It's always that boring ass state that everyone hates. I do too, for that matter.

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whole movie about it

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Unless you're from Tokyo and are getting news of Godzilla's latest antics

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