Don't get mad at the receptionist when you go to the emergency room and you aren't seen right away. Just shut up and be happy you aren't the person that got flown in on a helicopter or the person they're rushing in on the stretcher, amirite?

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I worked at a doctors office, and people would always complain to me. I'm a receptionist still at another non medical company and people still complain to me. Being a receptionist sucks.

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i just think its funny how they always say that your on the fast track list or whatever, and it still takes like 3 hours... i know its not their fault, but they get your hopes up and then your sitting there for soo long :D

I was being rushed into the ER two days ago from school on a stretcher because I crashed into a window and it shattered on top of me. I was totally saturated in blood, and there were still people giving me dirty looks. I just smiled and waved with a blood-covered hand :D

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My appendix was about to explode and I had to wait for like 3 hours. It's the worse pain I have ever endured. After the surgery the doctor said it should have ruptured long before the surgery. He said it was like 300x its normal size. Lol.

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