Shark Week is freaking awesome, but why isn't there a Lion Week, or a Sloth Week, amirite?

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On discovery channel, it's a bunch of shows about sharks.

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Flobberworm Week.

Sloth week is every week considering American's couch potato habits.

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u guys are naming really SPECIFIC ANIMALS....thats why they cannot make a shark week equivilent. There are 440 species of shark. Now lion week would be tough but they could dedicate a week to the Panthera genus (african lion, asian lion, tigers (several subspecies), jaguars, leopards). Dolphin week would also work because there are around 40 species of dolphins including killer-whales.

Sloth week would be AWESOMESAUCE!

Because they would be boring, Lions only hunt like once a week and mostly sleep or eat dead animals for the rest of the week and well Sloths are Sloths.

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Because Sloth Week would seem like sloth month considering how slow they are...It would take a whole episode just to see them eat.

or lemur week. i would totally watch that. :D

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Penguin week :D

Giraffe week!!! I'd watch it. :)

Various deadly mammals week. Something for everybody :D

Im so sick of hearing about shark week. What the hell is it