All the woman who say childbirth is the most painful thing ever have obviously never caught their foreskin in their zipper, amirite?

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I'm pretty sure no one has died catching their foreskin in a zipper... Think before you post

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To be fair he didn't say that it hurt more, he just said that they'd never had it happen.

do guys not wear underwear or something? lol

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you have a child and we will talk. you could ask the pregnant man though.

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How will you know what it feels like to give birth?

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ok you give birth to kid, while it comes out of you penis, tell me then that childbirth is nothing compares to getting your foreskin stuck in your zipper. I personally don't know, but me and my aunt are very close....

not all guys have foreskin

and the pregnant man had a c section so he wouldn't know!

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Have a child,see how it feels,then will talk ok...because i bet it hurts way more than foreskin in a freckin zipper

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Like in Something About Mary? lol, that was funny. But I can't agree about childbirth.

Maybe if we zipped your foreskin in that zipper repeatedly, for ten hours or so...

let's push an avocado through your penis and talk then...

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Pshhhh ive got my foreskin caught in my zipper many a time :P

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haha uncircumcised suckers :P

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Just because he didn't say it, doesn't mean he didn't mean it...

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