Some people just shouldn't sing, amirite?

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Yeah... most of the artists in the charts right now.

coughcoughthe people on Disney channelcoughcough

cough Kesha cough

patrickmajors avatar patrickmajor Yeah You Are +1Reply

That means you, Miley.

meysenburgers avatar meysenburger Yeah You Are +1Reply

That's me :(

SylverMoons avatar SylverMoon Yeah You Are 0Reply

coughJUSTIN BIEBER cough

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@coughJUSTIN BIEBER cough

If you get past the fact you think he sounds like a girl, he really CAN sing. He's waaaaaaay better than the overly autotoned girls on the charts right now.

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I'm one of those people.

Anonymous -1Reply

no. everyone should sing.

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