OK, so I understand why the characters in Beauty and the Beast are speaking in english even though they're all french, but it's illogical that one character should have a french accent and the others not. amirite?

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Yeah, there's that and also THE FURNITURE IS TALKING.

@BreakfastFan Yeah, there's that and also THE FURNITURE IS TALKING.

It's a Disney movie. Nothing realistic ever happens in Disney movies.

I wonder if his accent is american or british in the french version

This bothers me in Hunchback of Notre Dame too, because Clopin has an accent and NO ONE ELSE DOES.
But it's ok, his accent is my favorite :)

THANK YOU! I pointed that out at the school musical audition and got yelled at by my friends. Like you're really in France, there shouldn't be French accents. They should speak normally because it only sounds like an accent to outsiders.

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which one? I haven't watched that movie in so long >.<

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THANK YOU. my family disagrees with me.

It's a fantasy, it's not supposed to be logical, get over it.

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Yeah that always bothered me

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