Ok you have to admit even though McDonalds food is unhealthy, their fries are delicous. amirite?

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And the chicken mcnuggets. You can't forget about the chicken mcnuggets.

While I agree with this, I love Wendy's fries although they are flimsy and soggy.

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Most of their food is delicious if you ask me.

Everything they make is delicious. But I can no longer eat mcdonalds after reading Chew On This

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Their fries are usually the healthiest out of most of the fast food resteraunts

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they soak the fries in sugar- water

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@they soak the fries in sugar- water

What's your point? If you're trying to convince us they're unhealthy, you're fighting a battle that's already been won.

taco bell fries all the way

@TicTacAddict ...Taco Bell has fries? wut.

Not in the states ;] but they have 'em in other countries and it's
they have this fiesta fries thing with meat and cream and cheese. and the fries are crunchy.

Their fries are fucking nasty. Jack in the Box and Carls Jr have the only good fries, in my opinion.

they should start selling curly fries !

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