I know that the ecosystem is delicate, and all species are important, and all that, but I think I'd be willing to risk whatever might happen to live in a world without mosquitoes. amirite?

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Killing them all would screw up the food chain. What I would like to see for scientists to engineer a dominant gene that makes them dislike human blood and then spread it to the mosquito population.

I hate killing things. I can't even bring myself to drown the spiders I find in the shower; yet when it comes to mosquitoes, I will slaughter each and every one of them with glee. They are the one exception to my rule.

@shorkian Don't feel guilty. Any mosquito would kill you without hesitation if they could.

They try their hardest. Lucky for me, they can only suck so much blood at one time.

I just killed one right before I read this :l and I AGREE SO MUCH X.X
...That buzzing sound. Ohhhmygods. They should all die.

lilo and stitch haha

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