School is just like prison; you are sent there to learn something, to make you a good member of society, the food sucks, and it feels like you will never get out. amirite?

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Yeah, I know what you mean...it is just like prison...I mean, you even have to worry about being forcibly sodomized by your classmates. OH WAIT, IT'S ACTUALLY NOTHING LIKE PRISON.

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The food in my school is actually pretty good. I think people should stop complaining about school, because without it, we have nothing. You wouldn't have nearly as many friends, you wouldn't be taught to think, and you would have no idea what you're interests for a job would be. I didn't find out until just this year what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

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the purpose is the same as prison except school forces i mean teaches conformity while prison is to scare you away from being different

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Yeah, that must be why SOOO many high school drop-outs do so well for themselves.

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Right. Because school totally does not help you prepare for life and educate you to become a normal person that does not go to prison.

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